First read the general instructions.

Now take a look a theory on Biomes in
unit 1.

Following you will find the link to the the project we will be working on in the next weeks during this first term.

Read it carefully. Your teacher will tell you who you are going to be working with. Each of the members in the group will have a specific task to develop. You can choose once you discuss with the members of your group which your team role will be. Once you have decided it, click here to fill in the chart.


Th___   / __nv__r__m__nt / __s/  __/ c__mpl__c__t__d/__ss__ __/ t__/t__lk/__b__ __t/  b__t/ __ /
b__l__ __v__/th__t/ __t/__s/ __ls__/ v__ry/ __mp__rt__nt.

Th__r__/ __r__/ s__v__r__l/ __r__ __s/ th__t/ w__/ n__ __d/t__/ c__ns__d__r/ .

Th__/ f__rst/ __s/ gl__b__l/ w__rm__ng/.

Th__/ w__rld/ __s/ g_tt_ng/ h__tt__r.

W__/c__n/ st__p/  th__s/ by / __s__ng/ l__ss/ spr__y/ c__ns.

The Earth, a video you need to see

 Watch the following video and answer the three questions

The Earth

Which geographical features have you seen in the video?

Can you name some of the animals appearing in the video?

And an example of the Earth’s force?

Michael Jackson - Earth Song


Find here a drag-and-drop game to review some vocabulary related to what you have studied last year in your English science class as well as some words related to ecosystems which we will be taking a look at this term. Let's see how you do!

Now watch the following relaxing video. Pay attention to images shown. At the end you answer the questions for the "warming up" in lesson number 1 that you will find in this link.

As a warming up to the lesson on "Biomes" let's watch this clear and interesting video on "Ecosystems". Copy the teachers questions and answer them. 

Lakes by Marina, Oscar and Axel

Eloi and Albert